"Super Socials" was created for the excitement of the VITA DI SPORT regular members playing religiously each week. The Super Social works on a point system where teams will be divided each week into two teams by selected captains.

Team selection will be recorded each week and players will receive "1" point for each goal their team scores.

Lucio is selected to play in team 'Blue' and his team beats team 'Red' 10 - 4.
Each member in the 'Blue' team will receive 10 points and each member in the 'Red' team will receive 4 points.

The following week Lucio is selected to play for the 'Red' team and his team looses 1 - 5.
Each member in the 'Red' team will receive 1 point and each member in the 'Blue' team  will receive 5 points. And so on.

Bonus points

Players will receive bonus points for the following:

+5 points for the GODFATHER

+5 points for the SOCCER SAINT
(FAIR PLAY - Good sportmanship, No arguing with players and ref, just getting on with the game)

+5 points for the SUPER STRIKE. 
(GOAL OF THE MATCH - The description says it all :)

-5 points for the FOOTIE HOOLIGAN
(UNFAIR PLAY - Fighting, swearing and arguing with players and ref, excessive fouling)

The points above will be voted by the group or the ref after the game.

Bonus points ruling will be decided before the start of the Super Social season where different bonus point may apply (To be decided by the group).

First player to accumulate 150 points will receive a great prize from Vita Di Sport!
( Soccer Jerseys / Soccer Boots / Tracksuits / ETC!!!)

Price: R50 per player - minimum 10 players per week.
(Max 14 on Court A / Max 12 on Court B)

Includes your own personalized webpage on our website to view your rankings - updated weekly.

Check out the ITALIANO SUPER SOCIAL from 2012!

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